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At Homes Overseas we understand that finding the perfect home in the sun is just one of a number of steps in an exciting journey.  As part of our ongoing commitment to you, we will guide and support you through all aspects of your purchase, making the whole process of buying in Spain as simple and stress-free an experience as possible.
Legal Services
Currency Exchange

The legal element of your Spanish purchase is arguably the most important and for many clients, it’s also the most overwhelming. 

At Homes Overseas we work closely with one of the most experienced and reputable firms of Abagados (or lawyers) in Spain.  Together we ensure that every step of your journey is taken safely, allowing you to relax confident in the knowledge that all of the legal requirements associated with your purchase are being fulfilled professionally.

Using the right currency partner can save you many, many thousands of euros on exchange rates and fees compared to those you would be charged when using a bank.  

From a deposit on a house through to settling the balance, for regular monthly payments or one-off items, A Place in the Sun Currency ensures your funds reach the right destination, at the right time, at a highly competitive rate.  Click Here or on the image above for a free no obligation quotation and see the difference.

Mortgage Lending
Accountancy & Tax Advice

Homes Overseas are proud to partner Spain’s leading firm of independent mortgage brokers.  Spain’s ever changing mortgage market can appear daunting but with the right advice, the process is much easier than it may at first appear. 

With access to whole-of-market mortgage solutions as well as exclusive preferential deals, our multi-lingual partners are able to offer clients the very best solutions for their lending requirements.  Click Here or on the image above for a free no obligation review and begin your journey towards your new home in the sun!

The Spanish tax system can be a minefield for the uninitiated but with the right guidance it can be made to feel much simpler and straightforward. 

As and when you need it, we will introduce you to specialists who will ensure that all of your financial requirements and submissions are finalised with the minimum of fuss and expense. Furthermore, they’ll also manage your annual accounts and recurring payments, leaving you free to lay back, relax and enjoy the sunshine in your beautiful new Spanish home.

Construction & Refurbishment Works

Whether it’s home, motor or personal insurance you require, at Homes Overseas we understand the value of peace of mind and the comfort that comes with knowing that your most valuable assets are properly protected.  

A solid, reputable insurance provider with comprehensive cover is  essential, particularly if you’re not residing at your new home   permanently or on a full-time basis.  We’ll introduce you to multi-lingual, professional providers who can offer competitive quotes designed to fit your individual needs at rates that wont break the bank.

Whether you dream of building your very own place in the sun, renovating an existing property to your own tastes or simply want to freshen up a bathroom or kitchen, at Homes Overseas we can help you to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to achieve the perfect finish. 

Our selected partner will take care of every element of your project from the legalities of planning and licensing to the design and construction of the perfect home.  Working together, you can make that dream an incredible, life changing reality.

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